Content Guidelines & Requirements

In order to be eligible for approval and posting on Grove, each video you submit shall:

  1. Be under 20 minutes in length.

  2. Be shot using a good quality phone, DSLR, or similar camera to ensure video clarity.

    1. Your face should be clearly visible and well-lit.

  3. Have clear, easy-to-understand audio and speech free from excessive background noise.

  4. Be completely free from copyrighted music.

  5. Be completely free from images, text, or other representations of hate speech, inappropriate or explicit content, or any other content which a viewer might reasonably find objectionable or offensive.

  6. Never promote underage consumption of Cannabis, Alcohol, or any illicit substance.

  7. Not promote or mention unlicensed retailers, delivery services, or other purchase mechanisms for Cannabis.

  8. Be compliant with applicable laws and regulations, including the Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) rules concerning testimonials and paid endorsements. Videos which are compensated or sponsored must be marked as such in your video description or caption.

  9. Not make claims or warranties that any products shown or mentioned in your videos can cure, treat, or mitigate any disease or medical condition.

  10. Not harass, intimidate, or threaten any user of Grove's platforms, whether a user or fellow creator, or any employee, contractor, or representative of Grove Technology Inc.